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Frequently Asked Questions

What is test and balance?

Testing, adjusting, and balancing entails utilizing specialized instrumentation to take accurate readings of performance measures on HVAC and hydronic equipment. These readings are compared to engineers' designs and the equipment is adjusted accordingly. The equipment is then remeasured to ensure that the system is properly balanced. This information is compiled into a report and sent out by a Certified Professional.

Do I really need test and balance?

Aside from being required for certificates of occupancy and/or mechanical inspections, test and balance provides assurance that building systems are designed, manufactured, installed, and operating correctly and efficiently.

What is NEBB Certification?

The National Environmental Balancing Bureau is a governing board providing guidelines and standards for firms operating as members. NEBB Firms must meet all certification requirements and annually recertify their firm and their professionals. This includes continuing education and routine instrument calibration.

How do I hire Universal Test and Balance?

To hire our firm, please send an email to with a brief description of the job, the timeline, and the most recent mechanical prints available. We will respond promptly with a bid proposal. This is a document outlining our responsibilities and pricing should you choose to hire us. After we receive a signed copy of this proposal, we will schedule your testing, adjusting, and balancing services.

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